Brand Alfa

Airtight bonding of connection points.

Alfa DS 100 is an elastic adhesive compound for the airtight sealing of construction foils (vapour control layer) or window connection tapes to the structural shell (e.g. masonry). Protects the insulation against interior humidity – a basic precondition for saving energy and an effective thermal insulation. Alfa DS 100 can be applied fast and easy even without supporting lath and it levels out light unevenness of the surface (e.g. structural plaster). Adheres to all customary construction foils, fleece, kraftpaper, aluminium, plaster and wood.


  • meets the requirements of ZVDH and EnEV!
  • free of solvents, chlorine and formaldehyde
  • durably self-adhesive
  • high ageing resistance
  • elastic
  • durably airtight
  • for interior use



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