Brand Alfa

Allround vapour control layer for an airtight building shell

Alfa Rufol varia is the humidity regulating and re-drying allround vapour retarder for an airtight building shell at new buildings and renovation (thermal insulation). Due to its re-drying potential, more safety is given against construction damages. Alfa Rufol has a fixed sd-value of 1-3 m (2 ± 1 m) and meets the requirements of ZVDH and EnEV!
3 applications, one product! Alfa Rufol varia is flexible in use and applicable for between the rafter (interior & exterior) as well as for above the rafter insulation on the warm side.
Easy handling: Auxiliary lines allow exact overlaps.


  • Meets the requirements of ZVDH and EnEV!
  • Improved quality (110 ± 10% g/m²)
  • Higher tear resistance (nail) (lengthwise 140 N, crosswise 180 N)
  • Suitable for new building and reconstruction
  • Humidity regulating special coating
  • Re-drying potential in the summer
  • Prevents spontaneous condensation in winter
  • Fixed sd-value between 1-3 m (2 ± 1 m)
  • Fire behaviour class E
  • Temperature resistance -40 up to +80°C
  • Watertightness passed (EN 1928)



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