Brand From the Anvil
Material Brass & Rosewood
Finish Ebony & Polished Brass
Product Dimensions
Range Beehive Range
Overall Size 58mm x 25mm
Thickness 3mm
Cover Thickness 10mm
About the Finish Our Ebony products are crafted from high-quality rosewood timber with an ebonised finish, favoured for their rich, dark tones. When paired with Brass, this finish emulates a traditional aesthetic, but when coupled with Nickel or Chrome, a more contemporary feel is created.

We recommend regular waxing of your timber products with our This would ideally be beeswax (but products like “Pledge” and “Mr Sheen” work well too) and will help to remove dirt, fingerprints and watermarks. Also, regular cleaning with the aforementioned furniture polishes will help preserve and maintain the lacquer. This will help to prevent any discoloration or drying of the timber. Waxing also helps to provide a protective barrier against environmental elements.

Regular oiling of all moving parts using our ‘3-in-1 Oil’ (92337) is beneficial to the longevity of your products. This process is also highly recommended during initial installation.

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From the Anvil

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