Brand Alfa

Durable sealing in external areas

Alfa EPDM-Foil 605 is a elastomer-sealing-foil made of EPDM-rubber with an one-side Butyl-self-adhesive-strip (2 cm). On the inside is a release film, for an ideal storage, that must be removed before applying.
Alfa EPDM-Foil 605 is for the exterior sealing of window elements and door elements at facade constructions. The elastic sealing tape has a very high resistance to weathering and levels out building activities. It also has the potential to let steam diffuse from the inside to the outside.
Alfa EPDM-Foil 605 is suitable for private buildings as well as for commercial sectors.
The optimal sealing-connection for window sills, floor-length windows and balcony doors, exterior threshold, winter gardens and at facade constructions.


  • one-side with 2 cm wide Butyl-self-adhesive-strip
  • high temperature and weathering resistance
  • bitumen compatible
  • high UV-resistance
  • elastic foil levels out building activities
  • prevents structural damages caused by dampness
  • easy handling
  • waterproof & breathable



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